All prices shown are + GST.

Simple installation: $99.00 (where only a router is required)

Complex installation: $195.00 (where an antenna and router are required)

    Monthly Plan Add Ons:

    Optional Extras:

    Bill from previous landline provider (if selecting voice porting)

    Your Business Name (Optional)

    Select your desired plan

    Additional Off-peak data packs: (off peak hours are from 12am - 12pm)

    How would you like to pay?

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    If you would like to pay via Direct Debit please download the form here. Either scan or take a photo of the document and then upload it here.

    Additional Term & Conditions –

    There will be additional charges once you have exceeded your monthly Data Plan

    You will be charged $1.60 for every Gb used over your Data Plan.

    Your service will not be reduced, suspended, or restricted in any way if you go over your Data Plan.

    The usage app is there to help you manage your monthly data allowance so you don’t incur additional charges on any excess Data.

    There is no roll-over of the Data Plans and your plan will reset on the 14th of every month.

    All prices shown are + GST.