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Troubleshooting Guide

Switch the router off at the wall for a full minute. Turn it back on after this. Let the router reboot, and then check to see if your internet is working.

It is also a good point to disconnect all unnecessary devices from the wi-fi system during this period.

Please note, this is not to be confused with “resetting” of the router, which could result in a complete loss of configuration and result in a call out fee of $95 + GST. Please do not reset the router at any stage.

After allowing 60 seconds for the router to boot on, which lights are visible? Take a photo of the front of the router to show which lights are visible if you aren’t sure.

Are the cables all plugged in properly in the injectors and router? It is a good idea to make sure they are firmly connected. Check the power to both POE injectors (small boxes) and see if each has a white light on.

E.g., During heavy wind and rain, it is possible for the antenna to be shifted. Storms and other similar systems can have effects on the antenna installed, so please keep this in mind during email communication.

The final check to make is to see if your ethernet cables still provide internet access. Connect your laptop or computer directly to your router with the supplied ethernet cable, and try access your internet services again. Not all devices may have an ethernet port, so please check your individual device manual. 

If you get to the end of the checks and are still unable to get your internet working, please contact us using the form above.