Fibre internet plans

Fibre connections offer the fastest fixed-line internet, with unmatched speeds and huge data capabilities. Fibre is being rolled out across the country. To see if you might have fibre available, fill in the eligibility form at the bottom of the page.


Fibre Plan


Fibre Plan


Fibre Plan


Fibre Plan

All prices are exclusive of GST.
Installations outside the greater Auckland area will incur extra travel costs.
Call out fee of $95 + GST applies for callouts when no technical or connection issues are found.
12 month contract then a 30 day notice on termination applies.
Add a landline from just $20 p/m, includes free national & local calls. 

Our full terms & conditions can be found here.

About The Plan

The Fibre network plans offer amazing speeds and network access, with huge data potential. You can stream multiple shows on multiple devices, and have a secure and consistent connection. It is the fastes form of internet available.

3 Easy Payment Options

We offer 3 payment options: credit card, direct debit and internet banking. We will help set you up with the best option for you when you start on one of our plans.

Upgrade Speed Anytime

Fibre offers unlimited data on your plans, but if you want to upgrade to a higher speed to allow for faster downloads and uploads, then you can upgrade anytime by getting in touch with us at

Customer Support

Our team is only a phone call or email away. We pride ourselves on offering top customer service at all times, no matter the problem or concern. If you're not sure about something, don't hesitate to contact us.

Frequently asked questions

Fibre internet is provided via fibre optic cables that have created the fastest internet currently available. The government is still rolling fibre out across the country, so it isn’t available in all locations yet. 

You don’t necessarily need a 3G or 4G reception to get fibre, as it is dependent on an underground network and not a cellphone tower one.

As listed above, optional extras include a fixed landline using VOIP technology (voice over IP). 

You can also have a Static IP address which can be important to certain security companies for running internet-based cameras accessible by third party Apps or companies.

Don’t stress! You’ll more than likely be able to choose from one of our other rural broadband or BlueDoor network options instead.

If you’re not sure which plan you’re eligible for, please fill in this form and we can do an address check to let you know what plans are available to you.